Treadmill - KidsPhysioWorks
Hello, my name is Guss.

I want to tell you about all the fun I have and the great adventures that I get to go on when I go on the treadmill at Kids Physio Works. But I have a secret… this treadmill is not just an ordinary treadmill; it is a very special walker that has super powers. It helps make walking easier and a lot more fun.

When you do really well with your stepping, The walker comes alive and lights up and talks to telling you how are doing with your walking, which is super cool! I find it really fun practising this way. I like travelling to outer space to walk on the moon, or going to the seaside to find pirates! You can play lots of fun games with the walker on these adventures like squashing aliens and space bugs or kicking over really big sandcastles with your feet. I don’t have to worry about falling because I wear a special harness whilst I walk, which gives me just the right amount of support.

Hopefully I’ll see you at Kids Physio Works and you can try the treadmill too!

Treadmill in Action