What people say about us

My son started therapy at Kids Physio Works a year ago and what an incredible year it has been... Harvey has come on leaps and bounds since receiving the treatment in clinic. One of the main reasons I got in contact with the centre was because of a treatment they offer called 'Spider Therapy'. I had heard of amazing goals children had aconplished with this therapy especially those who suffered with cerebral palsy and wanted to try this approach with Harvey. I can't tell you enough how pleased I am that i did... Harvey is progressing in all areas of development in terms of speech sounds, sensory progression, and motabilty. The team have been fantastic since the very first day they answered my call, not only have they been there for my son but have been a huge support network to myself. You feel so welcome at the centre and will throughly enjoy your experience going there knowing your child is getting the right treatment. I am excited to see what the future holds for him and couldn't be more thankful for finding Kids Physio Works.


I took Becky to Clacton yesterday and it was the first time ever that she's been able to stand without holding hands paddling in the sea. She went in up to her knees and it was so lovely to see. I just wanted to say a big thank you! With your help with physio and the programme you put in place Becky was able to enjoy the beach mostly unaided for the first time. There's such a hugh difference in Becky after doing this last session with you. So thanks again from Becky and myself for all your time and hard work, it's really appreciated.


My son was diagnosed at 13 months old with Quadripelgic Spastic Cerebral Palsy, affecting mainly his lower limbs. I struggled to get him to co-operate with various private physios and therefore relied on his once-a-month NHS appointments. Finally I came across Kids Physio Works following recommendation. I’ve never been so pleased with the help, support and knowledge of a physiotherapist. From the first appointment he has engaged and responded very well with therapy. I have no hesitation in reccomending their service to any families needing flexible, reliable and most of all professional care for there child/children. Many thanks for your continued support.


Our daughter, Naia, has hemiplegic cerebral palsy which affects her left side (mainly arm and leg). She started off with NHS physiotherapy from 6 months old, but after 8 months she was still not engaging with this and so was making little progress. We approached several private physios and were particularly impressed with Chris right from our initial assessment session. He took the time and effort to clearly explain how Naia’s condition would affect her ability to control her movement, and how this linked in with the approach that he would use to treat her. He has taught us how to integrate physiotherapy into everyday activities, and as a result we have seen great progress in Naia’s development, and also her attitude to physiotherapy in general (both with Chris and the NHS team). We greatly enjoy working with Chris and seeing the benefits of the work in Naia’s movement, and have happily recommended him to friends whose children require help with physical development.


In October 2012 I had an accident playing rugby for my school which resulted in a stroke leaving me paralysed on my left side. I went through an intense period of physiotherapy for about 3 months in hospital until I was discharged. At this point I was still benefiting greatly with my physiotherapy but the hospital could not keep up such a vigorous program for me as an outpatient, this is when my parents contacted Chris at Kidsphysio2u. Chris visited me at home so I wouldn’t have to go out all the time and we set a number of personal goals with one of them being getting back to school gradually. We worked hard to overcome my muscle weakness and extreme fatigue and I came from a needing a wheelchair to a near perfect walk and jogging down the road in 5 months. I am now full time at school and working with Chris during school around my studies.