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Hi, I’m Juliet. It’s a secret but I have superhero powers.

I use electricity to help power me when I move. This helps me to do things I couldn’t manage before like pulling my toes up when stepping and keeping my hips and knees straight. This is all using my secret machine which super charges my muscles. It’s a great way I can get stronger as its difficult for my brain to talk to my muscles sometimes.

I even use an amazing hidden machine just below my knee which learns how I walk and my Physio teaches it how to step. When I use it I am able to walk further and don’t scuff my feet, even on the treadmill! The best thing is it makes me feel safe and I can’t see any of the wires! I have even had another machine on my hands to open my hands and pull my wrist up when I find it difficult. Every area that I sometimes feel weak in my body can be helped by using the machine.

It’s that easy that my mum and dad can use it with me at home while I’m watching TV or playing on mum’s iPad. I was not sure how the machine would feel before the first time and a little nervous but my Physio helped to relax me and showed me on my dad first. It’s a bit tickly to start but it doesnt hurt and you get used to the tickle, in fact I call it my tickle machine. I am so happy with it now, I barely even know its on and what I love the most is that I feel so much more confident I and am less scared about moving due to practising all my new super powers in physio!

Super Power Juliet!

Walkaide in action

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