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Walking, sitting and standing from the blocks!

More progress in therapy at Kids Physio Works and it has been a really busy time.

We have been seeing more new patients in clinic which is fantastic and all of our current children are doing fantastic 🙂

Lenny is back in the blogs again for doing some wonderful standing and walking.

He is really progressing in all aspects of therapy and it has been great to get both WalkAides on his legs!

Shane was in for his first block and he was absolutely fantastic throughout with some amazing bench sitting and sit to stands!

Jack once again progressed with his sitting which he is now up to 20 minutes independently!

Honey was an absolute star with all of her movement patterns and strengthening.

She is now able to move in ways that she has never before and is really enjoying her physio 🙂

Here are a few of the videos that I had to keep you up to date.

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Neil’s first university degree was Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Essex. Since the early stages of his degree Neil realised his passion for Physiotherapy and consequently studied for his Physiotherapy Masters Degree. Neil has spent a period of time at a Child Development Centre where he visited local specialised schools and worked within their clinics for children with complex needs. This gave him experience of working with a variety of children who all presented with different neurological and musculoskeletal problems. Now as a Physiotherapist at Kids Physio Works, Neil is interested in the Bobath and Therasuit approaches in paediatrics. Neil is also the FES lead therapist at Kids Physio Works.